Perceptive Diagnostician

Unique, finely honed skills developed over time are used to delineate your health status with keen perception.

Experienced Longevity Master

Powerful and natural state of the art solutions are employed to maximize your longevity which Dr. Shima has perfected over time. Dr. Shima is a longevity “master”.

Global Outreach Doctor

Expanded vision is aimed to raise the health of all peoples in the world.  Anyone is welcome to contact us from any part of the world.

Maximize Your Life Span and Dominate Your Health Challenges Today!

Do you want to…

  • Regain your “energy” and defeat “fatigue”
  • Restore vitality and enhance your sex drive with Dr. Shima’s expert assistance
  • Conquer your chronic body aches and muscle pains with Dr. Shima’s proven techniques
  • Shed your extra “fat weight” through basic and revolutionary assistance programs
  • Modulate your chronic stress and achieve positive results with sleep, energy, sense of well-being and pain relief
  • Ward off debilitating diseases lurking in the background like dementia, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and diabetes

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A. Dann

Dr. Shima is a wonderful doctor who has helped me very much.  I have been ill over 3 years from mold illness.  He has been the only doctor who took my illness seriously and helped me improve.  I had lost all hope of getting well, but now I am seeing a great improvement.  If the medical profession has failed you as it did me – Dr. Shima will help.

A. Dann

R. Gill

I love your new website.  It is very impressive.  It displays very accurately and professionally all of the wonderful healing offerings you provide as well as your great knowledge, many years of expertise and mastery in the field.  What it doesn’t demonstrate and cant is the “experience” of just being in your presence which promotes the healing in itself.  After visiting with you, one already feels better even before the prescribed therapy begins.  It is a feeling of caring and warmth, assurance and confidence.. all of which is necessary to promote healing and not something all health providers can demonstrate.  That is given by grace and you have that gift.

R. Gill

D. Kempton

I just wish that in America, people understood healing and the body as well as you, but so many litigations have gotten in the way of real living, real help and spirit driven help, which is what you always give.

D. Kempton