Dr. Gary J. Shima

Hello! My name is Dr. Gary Shima and I am concerned about your health and wellness. My desire is to raise the health level of all Americans and the peoples of the world. My father was a physician and inspired me to pursue a medical education. After attending U.S.C. medical school in Los Angeles, California, I completed my internship. Then I served several years in the U.S. public health service on an Indian Reservation where I learned and gained a greater reverence for natural remedies used to treat people.

Following this, I had a private practice in general medicine for 20 years in San Diego, California. During this time, I also developed and opened a vegetarian restaurant in San Diego called “The Rock House” where people were educated in the vegetarian lifestyle. After this I served as the medical director of a healthful living center on 90 acres of land in San Diego, called Rancho L’Abri. People came to stay for 2 - 4 weeks and were educated in healthful living principles and experienced remarkable changes in their health. I have been drawn to natural methods ever since and developed the Health and Longevity Institute in 1995. My motto is "Live Long and Live Well." Through the years of practice, I am continually reminded of the body’s ability to heal if given the proper elements in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas. Patients have repeatedly thanked me for using natural approaches as they regained health. These facts continue to motivate me to reach as many people as possible and assist them in their quest for happiness and well-being. I foster a healthy lifestyle myself and, in fact I’ve played major senior league hardball for the last 15 years.

Our website is dynamic and constantly updated to reflect leading edge information and opportunities in the field of health and wellness, through blogs, e-books and research articles. As you explore this unique website, you will be introduced to services and products offered at the Health and Longevity Medical Center that will be of positive influence for you. Let’s work as a team, as we face the health challenges of the 21st century together. Thank you for your interest and may you aspire to reach your health goals.

Our Goal

Foster optimal health for everyone!

Mission Statement

We will fortify all areas contributing to your health and help you reach the pinnacle of your optimal health. Our passionate hope is to reduce your risk for ever increasing amounts of chronic debilitating disease and conditions facing the world.

We want to make you healthy and maximize your life span!