What is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation Therapy is an oral or IV treatment process that improves circulation, fortifies cells, and removes toxic heavy metals from the body.

What are Bio-Identical Hormones and why are they used?

Bio-Identical hormones are the look-alike hormones used by the human body derived from natural sources.  They are used to replace diminished hormone function reduced by aging, stress, menopause (female) or andropause (male). An evaluation at our office starts with a blood draw. We schedule your analysis a week later and during the consultation, Dr. Shima decides what hormones you may need.  We then call in a prescription for you at one of our many compoundings pharmacies,  who will then send your prescription to you in the mail (usually arriving 2 days later ) or arrange for pick up.

What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is an injection process that introduces a stimulant substance into areas of chronically impaired musculoskeletal tissues associated with limitation of function and chronic pain. The injections restore the healing process.

What is a Bio-Electrical Footbath?

A bio-electrical footbath imports DC current and generates charged ions in a water bath that helps the body with pain and energy. The process also helps the body detoxify from heavy metal excesses.

Why use IV Therapies?

IV therapies are used because they are powerful ways to accomplish results in the human body (much more than oral supplements) in many cases of fatigue, lowered immune function (including colds and flu’s), chronic pain, dehydration and vitamin, and mineral deficiencies.

What is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen therapies primarily improve the body’s oxygen levels for overall health. It is administered by breathing oxygen, in the form of IV H202 3% solution or oral oxygen in the form of drops in the water or juice.

Why use liquid vitamins and minerals?

Liquid vitamins and minerals or high quality, patented tablet sources are more effectively absorbed and consistently deliver their contents to the body.

How can I stay young?

The secrets of graceful aging are not so complicated. They include weight control, plant-based nutrition, and a positive mental attitude. One of the keys to staying young is a strong “immune system” and “digestive system”.

Why is "Attitude" so important to my health?

Attitude can determine if a person will remain healthy or suffer a decline in health. Overall attitudes of Love, Joy, Peace, and Gratitude foster health, while overall attitudes of anger, distrust, hate, unrest and despair lead to decline. These emotions are a part of life but they must be processed to maintain or restore health. There are many efficient and respectful ways to process emotions.  Find the ones that work best for you to keep your attitude bright and your health vibrant.

Do I need Detoxification?

Detoxification is needed more today than ever because we live in a Toxic World. Detoxification should be directed to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas of life.  There are specific methods of detoxification in all these areas. Everyone needs detoxification.

Why does physical fitness and exercise receive so much attention?

Physical fitness and exercise fitness receive so much attention because research shows the degree of fitness and body conditioning that one has counteracts a myriad of diseases. There is strengthening of the overall immune system function, improvement of cardiovascular function (including dissolving plaque), lymph system efficiency, brain function (developing a sharp mind and promoting neurotransmitter balance), muscle tone/growth and physical coordination.

How can I lose weight?

You can lose weight by taking a holistic approach, considering personal characteristics, including food intake volume and type, hormone regulation, metabolic types, understanding and controlling blood sugar and insulin levels, avoiding dehydration, having a personal activity and conditioning program, and dealing with stress issues. Many people have tried over and over to successfully lose weight and keep it off. LED red light therapy sessions called “Lipo Light”, liquefy and mobilize the stored fat, is a safe procedure and service offered at Health and Longevity Center.

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