Health Performance Services:

Nutritional Metabolic Fingerprinting

The world around us seems to be spinning faster and faster on a daily basis. We continue to be bombarded with news of increased environmental pollution, increasing medical costs, increased stress, increased fuel prices and lack of nutrition in the foods we consume. Where do we go to get the right advice? Where do we go to truly understand our basic needs to achieve optimum health? THE ANSWER: Your own body!!!

The best way to develop a health regimen that will produce maximum positive results is to get a custom designed program based on your lifestyle and actual test’s on your own bodily functions. With literally thousands of “self-proclaimed experts” in the marketplace today and hundreds of TV ads all claiming that they have the answer to optimum health, it becomes extremely difficult to know who or what to believe.

Most of these so called experts and TV ads that urge you to order some product or service aren’t basing their recommendations on your specific body needs. In fact it has been proven time and time again that much of the advice and/or products purchased without the proper diagnosis could in fact have a negative impact upon your overall health and well-being, or at the least be ineffective.

At the Health and Longevity Medical Center we offer a number of simple, inexpensive, proven and highly effective testing programs to diagnose exactly what your body may need at the present time. We provide you with a “lifestyle questionnaire” to aid interpretation of your Nutritional Metabolic Profile.

We have custom designed and perfected a Blood Panel Analysis testing procedure during the past 15 years with a certified testing lab to give you a complete analysis and establish a base line of over 35 different functions that occur INSIDE OF YOUR BODY on a daily basis. Once we receive the results from the lab we schedule a 30 to 45 minute in-person or phone consultation to assess your health. During this very comprehensive overview you will know exactly what you need to do to improve your health in all aspects. Each program is custom designed to achieve optimal results.

IV Chelation:

“Chelation” is the process that counteracts toxicity in our bodies which is primarily produced by excessive heavy metals. By removing heavy metals, chelation reduces our risks of heart attacks, strokes and cancer.

Video: There are oral and intravenous chelation therapies. The primary IV chelation therapy includes EDTA (ethyldiamine tetra acetic acid) or DMPS (dimercaptopropane sulfonate). Oral chelation agents are DMPS, DMSA, cilantro, modified citrus pectin, sodium alginate, zeolite and plant fibers.

Intravenous “IV” Therapy:

Giving IV nutrition and other substances for therapeutic purposes by the intravenous route are both very effective and powerful ways to fortify and restore the body.

Video: A greater concentration of nutrients and other substances can reach our cells when given by the intravenous route. IV therapies include vitamins, minerals, oxygen therapies like (hydrogen peroxide), vitamin c, glutathione, and colloidal silver.


Prolotherapy is an injection treatment process to help heal painful acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries. The substance injected is a concentrated sugar solution into the injured area. Three to five injections sessions are usually required to help these painful residuals. Video: When an injury occurs, there are usually micro or macroscopic tears in fascia, ligaments, muscles or tendons. If not treated early, healing leads to criss cross fibrous bands that impede proper function. Pain, tightness, restriction of motion usually follows, that make the injury chronic. Prolotherapy injections begin a process of stimulating collagen production and realignment that improves function in these areas. Between therapy sessions the use of heat and stretching is recommended. The Prolotherapy sessions work by accumulation over 3 to 4 months.

Toxic Metal Analysis:

In this world of increased toxicity, heavy metal exposures are prevalent and ubiquitous. These metals enter and store in our body tissue and compete with essential minerals and weaken our immune system. This leads to fatigue, chronic pain, and allows the emergence of chronic viral, bacterial and fungus infections. Testing for excess heavy metals is performed either by hair analysis, or a chelator challenged 8-hour urine collection that is measured for quantitative amounts of these heavy metals. It is vital and paramount to your health to be tested for heavy metal exposure and treated accordingly.

Bio Identical Hormones:

As we age, the endocrine system begins to fail us. Thyroid, adrenal, ovarian and testicular function may diminish. Testing through blood or saliva analysis is performed to identify deficiencies and correlate these with your symptoms. Sex hormone replacement therapy for men and women uses plant-based natural hormones that enhance vital body functions while keeping cancer risks at a minimum.

Weight Loss Program:

Our multi-disciplinary support weight loss program is designed for a six month period. It includes regular monitoring, coaching and specifically designed supplements to ensure healthy sustained weight loss. Types of food intake, hydration, control of carbohydrates, insulin regulation, improved fitness and stress control are all very important. Fat accumulation and obesity must be addressed, and we offer a comprehensive program at Health and Longevity.

Exclusive New Medical Service

PGx life saving test that unlocks your genetic profile for medication efficacy and safety

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  • Includes comprehensive individualized patient results and prescription drug information